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Accessing eBooks

The Christopher Brennan Library has both fiction and non-fiction resources available to borrow through Wheelers Books and Overdrive. These resources are downloadable on to your laptop, tablet device and mobile phone. eBooks are borrowed for two weeks and will disappear from your device at the end of that time - there is no need to return them and no risk of having an overdue library book.

To read eBooks you will need to download Adobe Digital Edition from Self Service. 

 WHEELERS To access Wheelers sign in using your school email address and password

 OVERDRIVE To access Overdrive sign in using your school ID number


Accessing Wheelers eBooks on mobile devices

To access Wheelers eBooks on mobile devices download the free app from your app store. Once you have installed the app you can log in using your school email address and password.

eBooks can accessed on multiple devices and will pick up reading where you left off, even though you may move between devices. Remember to play with the setttings. You may prefer a black background if reading at night. Font size can be increased so there are less words on a page.