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ClickView@Riverview New Feature Film Of The Week : Throne Of Blood (Based On Shakespeare's Macbeth : 1957 Akira Kurosawa Version) (New HD Version) (Rated PG) (Feature Films And Documentaries) (William Shakespeare Feature Film Adaptations)

ClickView@Riverview Documentary Of The Week : An Inconvenient Sequel : Truth To Power (Rated PG) (Feature Films And Documentaries) (Topic Area : Geography, Environment And Economic Feature Documentaries)

ClickView@Riverview Podcast Of The Week : ABC Correspondents Covering World War II (Rated Unrated) (Modern History) (World War II 1939-1945 - Representations Of ANZAC) (Podcasts : World War II 1939-1945 - Representations Of ANZAC)

ClickView Video Productions : Videos Produced Locally For Australian Educators

ClickView produces new curriculum-aligned videos every week. What you might not know is that they are all produced here in Australia in ClickView's own production studio in Melbourne. 
ClickView was originally founded in Sydney at which time they were focused on curating educational resources from the best content providers. ClickView later went on to work with VEA and started producing their own content straight out of Melbourne, all aligned to the Australian Curriculum. 
ClickView now employs local scriptwriters, camera team, set designers and more, as well as getting specialists to come in for those videos requiring expert knowledge on both educational and technical areas. 

Step behind the scenes with ClickView's Melbourne Production Team and experience first-hand the work that goes into each one of our videos, created locally by experts in Australian education.

ClickView@Riverview - What Is ClickView For Students?

ClickView@Riverview - A General Video Walkthrough Of ClickView For Teachers

How to Create Interactive Clickview Videos

How To Make Interactives (Interactive Videos) Using ClickView (Series : ClickView Training Videos) (Rated E)

NEW ClickView@Riverview Program : We Need To Re-Conceptualise Video ... (Rated Unrated) (Topic Area : Pedagogy Behind ClickView Interactive Videos)

Follow Brendan Mitchell, ClickView Advisor at ClickView Australia as he talks about how video has a reputation as just being a baby-sitting tool. 

We need to challenge that and remember that video is a tool for teaching and learning the same as your books and pens. 

How you use ClickView@Riverview determines it's effectiveness ....

Watching ClickView Videos From The ClickView@Riverview Library Offsite Without A Stable Internet Connection

Follow Brendan Mitchell, ClickView Advisor at ClickView Australia as he shows you a general a quick explanation of how local storage can work for students and staff when using the ClickView iOs app for your iPhone or iPad.

Accces equity is a challenge for many schools when it comes to flipped learning and accessing internet content at home. 

The ClickView iOs app has a feature called local storage that allows a student to download a video from the school library onto their device to watch at home or anywhere else where they do not have internet access. 

This provides support for those who do not have internet at home and reduces any access equity concerns.

When watching a video program from the ClickView@Riverview School Library, the individual program can be stored in an Internet Browser's cache so it can be played in a location without a stable internet connection.

Both students and staff are required to play the individual program once in full through a network, and then it will save the program in the Internet Browser's cache.

Once it has been watched, you can then access the program as many times as you want through the ClickView@Riverview library.

Further Information from the Clickview Help Centre:

Playing any video in ClickView, when you are on the same network as your Local Cache, will cache the video. If the video already exists in the Local Cache, the video will be streamed directly from the Local Cache without using any internet.

You will know when a video is being streamed from the Local Cache by the icon in the bottom right hand corner of the ClickView Player. 

Requesting A Video Program Or Podcast For ClickView@Riverview (Riverview Staff Requests Only)

Request something to be recorded: 
Email Your Request to:

Tell us the program and we will take it from there....

In your request, please include:

Your Name, Name Of The Program, Series Name (if applicable), Channel AND Date and Time When Program Will Be Aired 

Tell us these details for the program and we will take it from there....

Want To Know What Is Coming Up On Television? : Online TV Guides
  If you are looking for online TV guides for airing times of programs, Freeview has a current Television Guide for Free-To-Air Channels. You can set the guide for your respective region in Australia. 

For FOXTEL programming, go to What's On Foxtel for their Subscription Television Guide for all Foxtel Channels.

ClickView Recording Of Programs For ClickView@Riverview (Riverview Staff Requests Only)

Every day, we record a number of free to air television channels (ABC, ABC News 24, ABC ME, ABC COMEDY/ABC KIDS, SBS, SBS VICELAND, NITV (National Indigenous Television), SBS Food Network, 7 Digital, 7TWO, 7MATE, 9 Digital, GO!, GEM, TEN Digital, 10 BOLD and 10 PEACH which are discarded after 14 days if not requested by staff to be kept in ClickView@Riverview.

We can record a number of Foxtel channels, but you need to email us details of the program BEFORE the airing date so it can be recorded for viewing on ClickView@Riverview.

Podcasts Available In ClickView@Riverview

Podcasts are available in ClickView@Riverview! 

You can find Podcasts in the Podcast Subcategories Folder in various Curriculum Areas And Topic Areas within ClickView@Riverview.

Hints And Tips When Using ClickView@Riverview

When using ClickView@Riverview through the InsideView Page, if it is not loading ClickView for you - you need to clear your browsing history (or Cache) in your Internet Browser. Once completed, this will allow you access to Clickview@Riverview!

Pedagogy In Teaching : The Pedagogy Behind ClickView's New Interactive Video Function

Follow Brendan Mitchell, ClickView Advisor at ClickView Australia as he shows you some of the pedagogical applications of the Interactive Videos feature on ClickView for use with your students here using ClickView@Riverview.