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ClickView: For Junior School Staff

ClickView : For Junior School Staff

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Primary Teaching Resources

Over 1,200 Australian primary schools have joined the ClickView community in 2019 and gained access to video content that thoroughly covers every year group and subject. Look no further for primary teaching resources to support you at each level of learning. Discover a comprehensive and regularly updated library of ClickView-produced videos mapped to the primary curriculum, plus the best available free-to-air content with ClickView@Riverview.

ClickView With ViVi At Riverview

ClickView@Riverview With Canvas

In the creation of Digital Media Content for Canvas Course Pages, here are some resources on this page that can help you use ClickView to its fullest potential in the classroom and for students to access ClickView Content through Canvas (both here at Riverview and at Home)

Click on the interactive video on this page that talks about how you can embed ClickView Digital Media Content from the ClickView Riverview Library into a Canvas Course page. 

PLEASE NOTE: To embed Digital Media that has been edited/chapterised in High Definition Quality from the Riverview ClickView Server, select LIBRARY at the top of the Drop Down Menu, then the respective program from the Riverview ClickView Server when using the ClickView Plugin with Canvas.

In accessing ClickView, St Ignatius College, Riverview has set up what is known as SSO (Single Sign On) Access.

So, if you have not accessed ClickView at Riverview, ClickView is through the InsideView Portal Page. On the InsideView Page, go to DASHBOARD then click on the ClickView Online icon, where you enter your Riverview Network Name and Network Password to access ClickView here at Riverview and at Home.

If you have any further questions, queries and assistance on using ClickView Digital Media programs with Canvas Course Pages, please feel free to send an email to: or call extn 8265 in the Christopher Brennan Library (ask for Mark) or come over for a visit to the library and ask for Mr Mark Dudgeon.