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History: Heroes and Villians


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Books in the CBL

Julius Caesar      937.05 CAE

Boudicca             942.01

Xerxes                 938.03

Mao Zedong        War & Conflict 951.04 MAO

Vladimir Lenin     War & Conflict 947.084

Benito Mussolini War & Conflict 945.091



Julius Caesar

Livius: Gaius Julius Caesar The weblink provides further links to information about Julius Caesar on the conquest of Gaul, Civil Wars, domestic policy and constitutional problems. 

World Military Leaders: A Biographical Dictionary- Julius Caesar

Encyclopedia of the Ancient World: Prehistory to 600CE

Britannica School: Julius Caesar

Ancient History Encyclopedia: Julius Caesar This biographical entry covers Caesar's conquest of Gaul and crossing the Rubicon. 

History Chanel: Julius Caesar 


Britannica School: Xerxes

Livius: Xerxes I This links to a fact file.

Xerxes' crossing of the Hellespont This entry appears in the Encyclopedia of Society and Culture in the Ancient World.

Ancient History Encyclopedia

The Battles of Thermopylae, Salamis and Plataea This links to a chapter in the book Marathon by David J. Califf.

Battle of Salamis

Attila the Hun

Attila the Hun This weblink by provides an overview of the biographical details of Attila the Hun. 

Ancient History Encyclopedia: Attila the Hun This entry on Attila the Hun was written by Joshua J Mark for Ancient History Encyclopedia. 

Attila the Hun This weblink by the History Channel covers a brief biographical overview of Attila the Hun.

Attila: King of the Huns This entry by Encyclopedia Britannica on Attila is written by E.A. Thompson.

Attila the Hun: major political events and the death of Attila the Hun This weblink is written by Adam Kralic for About Education. It includes a timeline of major events in Attila's life and a video (2:42 min) titled Profile of Attila the Hun


​Spartacus This brief biographical account of Spartacus is produced by BBC.

Ducksters: Biography of Spartacus This weblink is a very useful as a beginning source of information. 

History for Kids: Spartacus This weblink is also a useful source for early research with easy to follow subheadings. 

History.Net: Spartacus articles This weblink is produced by World History Group, the world's largest publisher of history magazines. Follow the links to various articles on Spartacus. 

Napoleon Bonaparte

Napoleon: Emperor, Military Leader (1769-1821) This biographical account of Napoleon is produced by the Biography Channel. It includes an embedded mini-biography video (3:35 min). Follow the links at the bottom of the entry to more videos on Napoleon. 

History Channel: Napoleon This weblink by the History Channel covers a lot of content, including many videos. 

Napoleon Bonaparte: The Little Corporal who built an Empire This weblink by BBC presents information in the format of an interactive timeline. 

Britannica: Napoleon This weblink is the Britannica Encyclopedia entry for Napoleon. 

Ducksters: Napoleon Bonaparte This weblink provides a brief, starting point for research on Napoleon. 

Joan of Arc

Joan of Arc This weblink is a biographical entry on Joan of Arc by the Biography Channel. It includes embedded videos on Joan of Arc Dressed as a Man (2:08 min) and Joan of Arc: Heretic or Saint? (2:02 min). 

History Channel: Joan of Arc This weblink is the History Channel's biographical entry on Joan of Arc. Easy to follow subheadings include: Joan of Arc's early life; Joan's journey to Orleans; Downfall of Joan of Arc; Joan of Arc: From Witch to Saint. 

Catholic Online: St. Joan of Arc This article on the Catholic Online website includes a brief video (3:58 min) and presents information in light of the sainthood of Joan of Arc.

Ducksters: Joan of Arc This weblink provides a brief, starting point of research on Joan of Arc. 

Jesuit Heroes

Jesuit Heroes Through the Years This weblink is produced by the Canadian magazine, Catholic Register. It includes information on Ignatius of Loyola; Jean De Brebeuf; Noel Chabanel; Antoine Daniel; Charles Garnier; Rene Goupil; Isaac Jogues; Gabriel Lalemant; Jean De La Lande; Bernard Lonergan; Joseph-Francois Lafitau; Paul Le Jeune; Pierre-Philippe Potier; Felix Martin; Arthur E. Jones; Richard Baxter; David M. Stanley; William J. Mackey; and John J.C. English. 

St. Ignatius of Loyola This weblink is to the webpage on St. Ignatius on the Ignatian Spirituality website. There are a number of short videos as well as biographical accounts of St. Ignatius, works by St. Ignatius and reflections on St. Ignatius by Jesuit priests. 

Ignatian Spirituality website also covers information and links to 16th and 17th Century Ignatian Voices (including St. Francis Xavier, St. Edmund Campion, St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Matteo Ricci and St. Peter Claver SJ); 18th and 19th Century Ignatian Voices; 20th Century Ignatian Voices and 21st Century Ignatian Voices

St. John Francis Regis This weblink is a biographical account of St. John Francis Regis on the Archdiocese of Sydney website.

Catholic Online This website provides accurate and reliable information about Catholicism. Follow links to information on the following saints St. Edmund CampionSt. John Francis Regis, St. Francis Xavier, Matteo Ricci, Mother Teresa, St. Robert Southwell, St. Peter Claver, St. Mary MacKillop, and St. Thomas More.