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Study Skills: Home

Study Skills Handbook

Ask you Head of House or friendly Librarian for login details to access the Study Skills Handbook.

Elevate Education

Elevate Education Ask your Head of House or friendly Librarian for a password to access further content.

You can create an account and tailor your preferences, such as selecting subject-specific content. 

HSC Study Guides

HSC Study Guides are located in the Christopher Brennan Library and are available for loan.

Iceberg Illusion

Photo credit: Sylvia Duckworth 

Top 10 Study Tips

Top 10 Study Tips by Youth Central (Victorian Government's website for young people)

  1. Pick a place - Set up your study space and find your best time
  2. Study every day 
  3. Plan your time - set alarms, use wall planners, make to-do lists, set time limits
  4. Discover your learning style - auditory learners, visual learners, tactile/kinesthetic learners
  5. Review and revise - quiz, make your own study materials
  6. Take breaks 
  7. Ask for help - ask teachers and fellow students
  8. Stay motivated - stay focused on goals
  9. App it up 
  10. Look after yourself - eat well and exercise

Study Timetable

Elevate Education provides practical advice on putting together a realistic study timetable and strategies on how to make it work for you. A digital copy of the study timetable can be found here.

Growth Mindset

Study Tips

When is your Zone of Effectiveness?