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What Matters?: Home

This Libguide will support the Year 8 MAGIS What Matters? Assessment Task.


Use the box below to search the catalogue to find books available in the Christopher Brennan Library. 

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Evaluating Websites

Use the CRAAP Test when evaluating websites.


Useful Weblinks

Use the search tool on this weblink to find relevant Ted Ed clips on your chosen topic. 


Ask your friendly librarian for login details to the CBL online subscription of New Scientist. The latest issue (not for loan) and past issues are available in print form in the library. 

National Geographic explores the people, places and events in our world. Use this website to research within the topics of Australia, Animals, Engineering Science, History, Nature, People, Science and Space. 

Whitlam Institute: What Matters 2020

What Matters? is a 'catalyst for young thinkers and young writers to develop a perspective, a point of view, on where we're heading as a society'.

It is a writing competition whereby students submit an original work between 400-600 words responding to the simple question 'What Matters?'.

2019 Years 7/8 Shortlist 

This is a link to Year 7 and 8 Shortlist for What Matters? competition in 2019. Reading these are useful for students to gain an understanding of topics that are appropriate for the task. Those students needing assistance in digging deeper in their topic may benefit from reading these.