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Requesting Digital Media For ClickView

Request something to be recorded: 
Email Your Request to: 

Tell us the program and we will take it from there....

In your request, please include: Your Name, Name Of The Program, Series Name (if applicable), Channel AND Date and Time When Program Will Be Aired - Tell us these details for the program and we will take it from there....

Want To Know What Is Coming Up On Television?

Online TV Guides
If you are looking for online TV guides for airing times of programs : 

Freeview has a current Television Guide for Free-To-Air Channels. You can set the guide for your respective region in Australia. 

For FOXTEL programming, go to What's On Foxtel for their Subscription Television Guide for all Foxtel Channels.

ClickView Recording Of Programs (Staff Requests Only)

LATEST DEVELOPMENT : Foxtel programs are now recorded by ClickView, but you need to email us details of the program BEFORE the airing date on Foxtel so it can be requested and recorded for viewing on ClickView@Riverview.

Also every day, we record a number of free to air television channels (ABC, ABC News 24, ABC ME, ABC COMEDY/ABC KIDS, SBS, SBS VICELAND, NITV (National Indigenous Television), SBS Food Network, 7 Digital, 7TWO, 7MATE, 9 Digital, GO!, GEM, TEN Digital, 10 BOLD and 10 PEACH which are discarded after 14 days if not requested by staff to be kept in ClickView@Riverview.

ClickView TV Guide For Educators