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ClickView: Senior School Staff

ClickView : For Senior School Staff

Accessing ClickView@Riverview School Library

ClickView has introduced a new main landing page recently, available via the Libraries tab in ClickView to streamline the look of this page and improve the functionality for staff. For our school, the ClickView@Riverview Library is now known as SCHOOL LIBRARY ​:


Click on the SCHOOL LIBRARY and you will be able to access the the individual Curriculum Areas directly and also via the Curriculum Area folder menu structure.

Also, the left navigation in the Curriculum Area folder menu structure has been refreshed for an improved user experience.


How To Embed ClickView Videos Into A Canvas Course Page


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Australia's Ocean Odyssey : A Journey Down The East Australian Current (Rated PG and G)

NEW programs relating to the topic area for Ecosystems And Continents - Australia for Geography are now available in the LIBRARIES area in ClickView@Riverview.

A NEW series "Australia's Ocean Odyssey : A Journey Down The East Australian Current" is located within the Geography area of ClickView@Riverview under the topic area Ecosystems And Continents - Australia then the series sub-topic area Australia's Ocean Odyssey : A Journey Down The East Australian Current.

Episode 01 : The Tropics (Rated G)

Episode 02 : The Sub-Tropical Zone (Rated PG)

Episode 03 : The Temperate Zone (Rated PG)

Transforming PowerPoint Presentations Into Video Lessons Webinar

In The Age Of A.I (Four Corners) (Rated G)


The documentary "In The Age Of A.I." from the series Four Corners is located within the Technology Curriculum Area under the topic area Artificial Intelligence A.I. then in the Series Sub-Folder Four Corners.

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