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ClickView: Senior School Students

ClickView : For Senior School Students

Using ClickView@Riverview For Students

ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Secondary and Primary schools, which are accessible through ClickView's friendly video platform. 

With ClickView, you can embrace video learning as ClickView allows you as a student to watch educational videos inside and outside the classroom.

On this Student page is a number of highlighted programs for different topic and subject areas that can help you in your research work for assignments, learning about a new idea or for your own personal enjoyment.

To watch the full prorgams, access ClickView through the Student InsideView Page or the program through a Canvas Course Page created by your Subject Faculty relating to a topic area here at Riverview.

If you have any further questions, queries and assistance in using ClickView@Riverview, go to the Christopher Brennan Library and ask for help from the Christopher Brennan Library Staff.

Personal Development : Boy To Man Series One (Rated PG and M15+)

NEW programs relating to the topic area for Manhood And Masculinity for Personal Development are now available in the Saint Ignatius' College Riverview Library area in ClickView@Riverview.

The complete series "Boy To Man" is located within the Modern History area of ClickView@Riverview under the topic area Personal Development then the series sub-topic area Boy To Man Series One.

Episode 01 : The Reindeer People (Rated M15+)

Episode 02 : The Island People (Rated M15+)

Episode 03 : The Eagle People (Rated M15+)

Episode 04 : The Cave Climbers (Rated PG)

Episode 05 : The Snake Divers (Rated M15+)

Episode 06 : The Swamp Cowboys (Rated M15+)

Episode 07 : Horse Gladiators (Rated M15+)

Episode 08 : The Bull Wrestlers (Rated M15+)

Episode 09 : The Marathon Men (Rated M15+)

Episode 10 : The Honey Hunters (Rated M15+)

Episode 11 : The Shark Men (Rated M15+)

Episode 12 : The Suffering Men (Rated M15+)

Religion : A.D. Kingdom And Empire (Rated M15+ and MA15+)

NEW programs relating to the topic area for The Bible for Religious Education are now available in the Saint Ignatius' College Riverview Library area in ClickView@Riverview.

A NEW series "A.D. Kingdom And Empire" is located within the Religious Education area of ClickView@Riverview under the topic area The Bible then the series sub-topic area A.D. Kingdom And Empire.

Episode 01 : The Tomb Is Open (Rated M15+)

Episode 02 : The Body Is Gone (Rated M15+)

Episode 03 : The Spirit Arrives (Rated M15+)

Episode 04 : The Wrath (Rated M15+)

Episode 05 : The First Martyr (Rated MA15+)

Episode 06 : The Persecution (Rated M15+)

Episode 07 : The Visit (Rated M15+)

Episode 08 : The Road To Damascus (Rated M15+)

Episode 09 : Saul's Return (Rated M15+)

Episode 10 : Brothers In Arms (Rated M15+)

Episode 11 : Rise Up (Rated M15+)

Episode 12 : The Abomination (Rated M15+)

How To Use The Search Function In ClickView : For Students

How To Complete A ClickView Interactive Video : For Students