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ClickView: Senior School Students

ClickView : For Senior School Students

Using ClickView@Riverview For Students

ClickView provides thousands of quality educational videos designed for Secondary and Primary schools, which are accessible through ClickView's friendly video platform. 

With ClickView, you can embrace video learning as ClickView allows you as a student to watch educational videos inside and outside the classroom.

On this Student page is a number of highlighted programs for different topic and subject areas that can help you in your research work for assignments, learning about a new idea or for your own personal enjoyment.

To watch the full prorgams, access ClickView through the Student InsideView Page or the program through a Canvas Course Page created by your Subject Faculty relating to a topic area here at Riverview.

If you have any further questions, queries and assistance in using ClickView@Riverview, go to the Christopher Brennan Library and ask to see Mr Dudgeon.

Geography : Australia's Ocean Odyssey : A Journey Down The East Australian Current (Rated PG and G)


NEW programs relating to the topic area for Ecosystems And Continents - Australia for Geography are now available in the LIBRARIES area in ClickView@Riverview.

A NEW series "Australia's Ocean Odyssey : A Journey Down The East Australian Current" is located within the Geography area of ClickView@Riverview under the topic area Ecosystems And Continents - Australia then the series sub-topic area Australia's Ocean Odyssey : A Journey Down The East Australian Current.

Episode 01 : The Tropics (Rated G)

Episode 02 : The Sub-Tropical Zone (Rated PG)

Episode 03 : The Temperate Zone (Rated PG)

How To Use The Search Function In ClickView : For Students

Religion : Dramatic Stories Film "Awakenings" (Rated M15+)


The Dramatic Stories film "Awakenings" (Rated M15+) is located in the Feature Films Curriculum Area Of ClickView then in the Feature Films sub-folder folder entitled Dramatic Stories.

How To Complete A ClickView Interactive Video : For Students

English And TAS Studies : In The Age Of A.I (Four Corners) (Rated G)

The documentary "In The Age Of A.I." from the series Four Corners is located within the Technology Curriculum Area under the topic area Artificial Intelligence A.I. then in the Series Sub-Folder Four Corners.