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Dungeons and Dragons : Party 1



Adventure Hook

For your own reasons you have ended up at the famous Candlekeep. Renown for it extensive and growing collection, the largest in the Sword Coast, known to be larger than the complete collections housed in Strixhaven University. You have paid the price of information to obtain entry and have spent a few days perusing the vast shelves to suit your own purposes. One topic that has been of some interest to you is extradimensional spaces, something you have all mentioned off hand to your guide on the first day. One your third day, as you are occupying your time productively, you feel a tap on your shoulder. The guide who you first meet upon entering the keep has a message for you from the Avowed, regarding your interest in extradimensional spaces.  They would like you to meet them at the private study of Matreous. There our adventure begins.