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Dungeons and Dragons : Party 2



Adventure Hook

You are all independent adventures, currently in search of work and or heroic deeds. A little over a week ago you arrived in the small coast town of Saltmarsh, part of the Kingdom of Keoland. You have spent that time perusing your own goals, whilst immersing yourself in the backdrop of the renovations of the town. During your nights spent in the local taverns you have heard rumours of a haunted house, just outside town. From what little you have been able to glean from the scared inhabitants, the hauntings are quite fierce, with a prevalent presence of horrible shriek and eerie lighting. In hushed voices that names of townsfolk rumoured to have gone missing when visiting the house.   After a night of being a little overindulgent in the local tastes, you have agreed to investigate the haunted house. Our adventure starts with the thrown together party on the road to the haunted house.