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History: Archaeologist Research Task


Use the box below to search the catalogue to find books available in the Christopher Brennan Library. 

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Questia School is a database the CBL subscribes to which provides online resources, such as ebooks, suitable for senior students.

Searching by the archaeologist's name in double inverted commas, eg. "arthur evans", will provide a more accurate serach result. There are many suitable resources for this task in Questia School. 

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Ancient History - Archaeologists

This LibGuide has been setup to assist you with your Archaeologist Research Task. 

What sources do you need?

A primary source provides firsthand evidence of an event or topic. Examples of a primary source include: a physical artefact (e.g. a fossil or furniture), a diary, an email, a journal article which contains original thought and/or discoveries, a newspaper article written at the time, a original document (e.g. a birth certificate), and a documentary record such photograph or a video.

A secondary source is usually something that is produced after an event has happened. It may offer an interpretation or evaluation of a primary source. It may also provide commentary or discuss evidence. Examples of secondary sources include: a dictionary, an encyclopedia, a journal article which provides commentary (but does not contain original thought and/or discoveries) or a textbook.


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