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History: Rights and Freedoms


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Rights and Freedoms

Warning: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers should be aware this Libguide contains voices, names and images of people now deceased.

Useful Weblinks

Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Background to the struggle of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples for rights and freedoms before 1965

The Referendum, 1957-1967 This weblink by the National Museum of Australia, a government agency, provides a comprehensive source of information on the referendum. Follow the links to information on Australia in the 1950s, early petitions, national petition campaign 1962-1963, parliamentary and cabinet debates 1964-1966, cabinet decision 1967, campaigning for a YES vote, victory and the aftermath of the referendum. 

Righting Wrongs in the 1967 Referendum This resource by ABC Splash includes video footage and copies of original documents about the significance of the referendum to Indigenous rights in Australia.

Collaborating for Indigenous Rights 1957-1973 This weblink by the National Museum of Australia, a government agency, provides links to the fights for civil rights and the struggle for land rights

Aboriginal Embassy, 1972 This weblink by The National Museum of Australia details the erection of an Aboriginal Embassy on the grounds of Parliament House, Canberra in 1972. Follow the links to further information on supporters of the embassy and the Government's response.

Continued Efforts to Secure Civil Rights & Freedoms in Australia

Mabo Case This weblink by Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies provides a clear account of the Mabo case. Follow the links at the bottom for further information relating to Eddie Mabo, land rights and Native Title Act

Mabo Decision This factsheet by Reconciliation Australia provides a brief account of Mabo Decision from 1992, which recognised Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples' rights as the traditional owners of their land.

Calls for Recognition of Indigenous Australians This program by ABC Splash examines the growing call for the Australian constitution to recognise and advance Indigenous people's culture, heritage and language. 

Freedom Ride, 1965 This weblink from National Museum of Australia documents how the Freedom Ride came about and where it went. Click on links to access further information. 

Charles Perkins

Vincent Lingiari

Faith Bandler

1938 Day of Mourning

Aboriginal Tent Embassy

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