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The Christopher Brennan Library has many suitable books for this unit of work under 950.21 in the information collection.

Mongol Expansion

Useful Weblinks

Mongols - Facts and Information
A short National Geographic article 

Mongol Empire - Arts and Culture
A short article discussing the rise of art and culture under the Mongol expansion.

Effects of the Mongol Empire on Europe
Extensive article outlining the Mongols impact on Europe

How did the Mongol Invasions Affect Global History
Extensive article examining the impact of the Mongol Invasion globally

Mongol Empire
In-depth article from Encyclopaedia Britannica. Includes maps and images. 

The Mongol Dynasty
Asia Society article. Good information on impact on mongol policies in governing the empire.

Positive Legacies of the Mongolian Empire
Short article on three positive legacies of the Mongolian Empire



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