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Religious Education: Liturgical Year


This LibGuide will help you with your studies in Year 7 Religious Education on the Liturgical Year. 

Useful Weblinks


Liturgical Year This weblink by Loyola Press provides links to further resources on Advent, Christmas, Easter, Holy Week, Lent, Liturgical Cycles, Ordinary Time, and Sunday Connection. 

Liturgical Year and Interactive Calendar: This weblink describes each of the seasons and has an interactive calendar that allows you to click on a date to see the day's significance, prayers and reflections.

The Catholic Liturgical Year: This weblink provides an overview of each season which outlines the period of time, meaning of the season and colours associated with it.

Liturgical Calendar Introduction: This weblink outlines the seasons as well as the current and past calendar dates for the liturgical year.

The Catholic Liturgical Calendar: This weblink defines the word Liturgy, explains when the Liturgical Year starts, the cycles and the seasons.


Liturgical Year


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