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Useful Weblinks

  • World Bank
    This site contains information on global economic prospects, publications, newsletters and current news.
  • The Asia Pacific Economic Corporation
    The APEC study centre site includes information on APEC and its role, publications and study materials.
  • The Human Development Report
    This site's information includes National Income Accounts, as well as statistics on health, the environment, trends in economic performance, and more, on both developing and industrialised nations.
  • Central Intelligence Agency
    This site provides a very good information about living standards and the economies of many countries in their CIA Fact books.
  • Australian Bureau of Statistics
    The use of current information and statistics is very important to economics. In order to find up to date statistics, the Australian Bureau of Statistics has most of the statistics you will need in your study. Statistics range from the unemployment rate, to the consumer price index.
  • OECD
    This site contains data on main economic indicators around the world, economies in transition, labour force and agriculture statistics, National Accounts, trade in goods and services, and Economic Outlook.

  • World Trade Organisation
    This site includes current news, a newsletter, articles, and information on trade topics, for example electronic commerce, the environment and intellectual property.
  • International Monetary Fund
    This site contains data on Government Financial Statistics, Country Information, Finance and Development information, as well as publications and articles. The World Economic Outlook is especially useful as well as individual country profiles.
  • Reserve Bank of Australia
    This site has many articles, speeches and statistics that are relevant to the value of exchange rates and Australia's external performance.
  • Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade
    This site includes information on the governments trade policy as well as an Annual Report on Trade and Foreign Affairs.
  • The Productivity Commission
    This site provides information on the level of protection in various industries in Australia and the impact of changes in levels of protection.

Books in the CBL

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The view on: Australia’s economic future, with Dr Ken Henry

Welcome to the first in our two part series of video collaborations with SBS, with Dr Ken Henry, former Treasury Secretary and the Prime Minister’s Special Adviser, responsible for the Australia in the Asian Century White Paper