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Book Week 2020 - Curious Creatures, Wild Minds: Home

Library Survey

Students are encouraged to complete the CBL Feedback Survey on library resources and services. 

This Book Changed My Life

In six words, students are asked to complete the statement "This book changed my life because..."  Keep an eye out around the college for their responses.

Picture Book of the Year Shortlist

Eve Pownall Award Shortlist

Book Week 2020 - Curious Creatures, Wild Minds

Writing Competitions

Students are encouraged to enter the CBL Book Week Creative Writing Competition.

Use this year's theme "Curious Creatures, Wild Minds" as inspiration and write a piece of creative writing.

Entries can be emailed through to by Friday October 30.

Wide Reading Activity

During Book Week Wide Reading classes will begin their reading period with a Book Quiz incorporating this year's theme, Curious Minds, Wild Creatures. 

Book Trailer Competition

The library is running a Book Trailer Competition as part of this year's Book Week celebrations. To enter, create a book trailer for a YA book. The length of the book trailer should be between 45 and 90 seconds. Email entries to Competition closes midnight Friday October 30. 

The following resources may assist you in completing this task.

Below is an example of a Book Trailer for 400 Minutes of Danger by Jack Heath.

The Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals by Sami Bayly


Students from SIEP will listen to a reading of one entry from The Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals by Sami Bayly. Students will identify an animal within the book and create a 'Fun Facts' poster of their animal. The ICT skill of scanning and sending will be incorporated in the lesson by students using a scanned picture from the book in their poster. 

Book of the Year Shortlist - Older Readers