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The Christopher Brennan Library subscribes to a range of databases that will help you with your studies of Religious Education. 


Neil's Toolbox - Harvard Style

Neil's Toolbox is an online reference generator suitable for students using Harvard Style Referencing.

Map - Palestine in the Time of Jesus


This libguide has been created to be informative and provide quality sources on the Catholic faith and the life of Jesus.




Bible Videos - The Life of Jesus Christ: This link provides a range of short videos on the life of Jesus.

Useful Weblinks

First Century Context of Palestine - This weblink describes the political, economic, cultural, religious and educational setting in Palestine at the time of Jesus' life.

Who is Jesus

This web site brings together resources relating to the Catholic Church in Australia. This is an informative website 

 Life at the time of Jesus

A good summary by a University lecturer about the time in which Jesus lived. In addition you could EMAIL the author for additional information. 
An article about how Jesus is often not portrayed as being Jewish in renaissance art.
A series of examples that discuss how Jesus has been portrayed differently over time in art.

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