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Julio-Claudians and the Roman Empire AD 14-69, Agrippina the Younger: Julio-Claudians and the Roman Empire AD14-69, Agrippina the Younger

This libguide supports the teaching and learning in HSC Ancient History for the unit The Julio-Claudians and the Roman Empire AD 14-69. It includes the personality study of Agrippina the Younger.


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Books in the CBL

Books on the Julio-Claudians are located in the CBL at 937.06

Claudius, Nero, Tiberius and Agrippina are located in the CBL at 937.07





Ancient and Medieval History Online Use this database for your research.


Use Questia School to conduct a subject search using the term 'Agrippina, Minor, 15-59'. This search will reveal the following books to be read online:

  • Agrippina: Mother of Nero
  • Agrippina: Sex, Power and Politics in the Early Empire
  • Representing Agrippina: Constructions of Female Power in the Early Roman Empire

Books in the CBL

Historical Fiction


BBC Podcast

Image: BBC 

Julio-Claudian Family Tree

'Julian Claudian Family Tree' by Rursus available at under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0. 

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