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France24 News


Watch France24 news live in french (or english). Click on the logo above.

SBS News in Mandarin

News provided for Mandarin speakers in Australia, with impartial coverage and analysis of top news events and international issues. Subtitles: English. You will need to create a free SBS Account to access the daily news. 

Allora News!

Keep up to date with Italian Australian news. Made in Sydney, for the world! Published in Italian (and English)

TEDEd in Mandarin

Languages Around The World

25 Crazy Facts About Languages

Tedx 2018 - How Language Shapes The Way We Think

Library Resources

Books about Languages can be found in the following areas of the Christopher Brennan Library:

400 - Language

440 - Romance languages, French

450 - Italian

470 - Italic languages; Latin

480 - Hellenic languages; Ancient Greek

495 - Chinese

Latin is Simple - a Latin online dictionary for students



The Forum Romanorum - Your All-In-One Tool to assist with your Latin studies.  Click on the image above to access the Latin is Simple online dictionary.

Digital Toolbox

Duolingo is a website/mobile application that offers extensive written lessons and dictation, but it features less speaking practice. It has a gamified skill tree that users can progress through and a vocabulary section where learned words can be practiced. This can be used to practice your French and Italian.