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Use the box below to search the catalogue to find books available in the Christopher Brennan Library. 

Databases - World Book Online

The College has recently subscribed to the World Book Online database. Use the widget below to connect you to the database. Or go to:

Ask your friendly librarian for the logon details.

Once you have logged in - go to World Book Kids and go to the World of Animals section. There is an excellent feature called Compare All Animals that provides extensive information on any animal comparison. The friendly librarians will be able to assist if you have any queries. 


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Taronga Zoo

World of Zoology

Zoology for Kids


Should Zoos Exist?

Animals for Entertainment - Ethics Guide This website by the BBC looks at the ethics of animals in zoos.

The Ethical Evolution of Zoos This article by ABC Radio National is on the history of ethical zoos.

Animal Rights Uncompromised: Zoos This webpage by the PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) presents their views on opposing zoos.

Zoos Are Not Prisons. They Improve the Lives of Animals This article by TIME Magazine (June 14, 2016) discusses modern zoos. 

When Zoos Take the Higher Ground This article published in The Citizen is summative of the chief executive of Zoos Victoria, Jenny Gray's PHD.

An Ethical Defence of Modern Zoos For those students interested in further reading this is the link to Jenny Gray's PHD. 

BlendSpace activities


WWF - Habitats This website by the World Wide Fund for Nature covers the habitats and animal life present in the following habitats: polar regions; coniferous forests; temperate forests; grasslands; deserts; mountains; tropical forests; oceanic islands; freshwater wetlands; and oceans. 

Animal Species and Habitats This website by The Nature Conservancy profiles a variety of animals including ideal habitats. 

BBC Nature - Habitats This website provides links to many various habitats for plants and animals to live.

Animals A-Z This dictionary covers over 600 different animals. Click on the animal and read facts about the animal including its classification and ideal habitat.

San Diego Zoo - Habitats Click on the various habitats to discover the animals that live there.

Detroit Zoo - Zoo Habitats Although this site is American, much of the content is relevant to this task.

Baby Giraffe Makes Debut as Canberra Zoo Unveils New Open Range Area This ABC article, published 24 May 2017, reports on the opening of the new open range area at the National Zoo and Aquarium in Canberra.


Classification - This website provides an overview of classification including the classification of species into five kingdoms, as well as examples of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. This site also explains and gives an example of a dichitomous tree.

Characteristics of Living Things - This website identifies the main characteristics of living things.

Classification System - This website outlines the Linnean Classification system developed in the 18th Century..


Animal Classification - This website outlines the five different categories for classifying animals. It also includes an animal classification game.

Invertebrate vs Vertebrate - This website outlines the main differences between invertebrates and vertebrates in the form of a comparison chart of the similarities and differences.

Vertebrate - This website outlines the general features of vertebrates, the different types of vertebrates as well as their external and internal features.

What is an Invertebrate? - This website defines both vertebrates and invertebrates. It also explains why all Anthropods such as insects are examples of invertebrates.

What is a Mammal? - This website defines mammals, outlines their characteristics, behaviours, habitat, development and reproduction.