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Writing: Economics

Writing for Economics

Economics writing arises in three contexts:

  • Short answer questions, with marks ranging from 1 to 6 (there are four short answers totalling 40 marks in the HSC exam)
  • Essays with stimulus (20 marks – there is one of these in the HSC exam)
  • Essays without stimulus (20 marks – there is on of these in the HSC exam)

Short answer questions

Key recommendations in relation to answering short answer questions in economics:

  • pay strict attention to the directive verb and the allocated marks – it it is a discuss question for 4 marks then the marking is likley to be 2 marks for advantages and 2 marks for disadvantages
  • if there is terminology used in the question, ensure that you define that terminology in the first sentence of your answer
  • provide strong, textbook definitions to ensure marks
  • where the verb is explain, ensure that links are made obvious – do not just assert that an increase in the terms of trade will increase the value of exports, make the link to the prices of the exports, demand being inelastic, therefore the value of exports will rise
  • memorise statistics, events and data – this is expected in being able to demonstrate mastery of the syllabus and you are unlikely to secure full marks in a short answer question without bringing to bear relevant memorised statistics and facts