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English: Trash


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This libguide supports the study of Trash by Andy Mulligan as part of the Year 7 English course. Trash is a novel about a young boy, Raphael, who lives on a dumpsite earning a living by sifting through rubbish. One day Raphael makes an extraordinary and deadly discovery which sets him and his friends, Gardo and Rat, on a fast-paced adventure to solve a mystery and right a terrible wrong.

Useful Weblinks


The author of Trash, Andy Mulligan, has published a WordPress site with excellent resources on chapter summaries and character analysis.

Character Analysis includes descriptions of the characters Raphael Fernandez, Gardo, Rat and Jose Angelico. Quotes, with page references, are also provided for each of these characters. 

Part One Chapter Summaries provides a very brief summary of chapters 1-6. Quotes with page references are included in the summary for easy reference.

Part Two Chapter Summaries provides a very brief summary of the two chapters in Part Two of the book. 

The WordPress also includes information and resources about a number of social justice programs and initiatives. 


Life in a Cambodian Rubbish Dump is an article published on ABC News written by Amy Simmons about Omar Havana, a Spanish photojournalist, and his experience over seven months getting to know and document the lives of people living among a Cambodian rubbish dump. 

PHOTO by Omar Harvana 'Children and parents sift for food'

Trash - Movie on Clickview