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Issues in Society

Information in each 'Issues in Society' title is carefully selected to ensure that it is current, unbiased and balanced. Many titles cover a range of opinions on controversial topics, providing the perfect platform to provoke debate, stimulate critical analysis and encourage further research. 

Go HERE to see the range of issues covered.

National Geographic Twitter


This collection of LibGuides will help you in your study of Geography here at Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview. Use the tabs above to access content suited to your year level. 


Why is geography important?

National Geographic

Check out these amazing photos from the National Geographic people.

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Library Resources

Books about Geography can be found in the following areas of the Christopher Brennan Library: 


Social groups, communities


Resource use (land and water), Environmental issues

910  Geography and travel
911    Historical geography
913-919 Specific continents, countries and localities

Library Resources - Magazines

The Christopher Brennan Library has a good range of Geography magazines for you to borrow. Click on the images below to access their listing on the catalogue.