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MAGIS - Integrated Learning: Year 9


Use the box below to search the catalogue to find books available in the Christopher Brennan Library. 


World Book Online has a great range of resources available fo your research. Please ask your friendly librarian for login details. 


Science Online


New Scientist The Christopher Brennan Library has an online subscription to New Scientist. Ask your friendly librarian for the logon details to gain access. The latest issue (not for loan) and past issues are available in print form in the library. 

Britannica School  is an excellent encyclopedia resource. 


Bloom's Literature

Australians Together

By listening to the voices of Indigenous Australians, Australians Together helps non-Indigenous people learn the true story of our shared history, understand how it's still having an impact today and imagine new ways to live together more respectfully.

Barani - Sydney's Indigenous History

Click on the image above to explore information regarding Sydney's extensive aboriginal history


MAGIS is the name given to the subject taught in Years 7-9 with a transdisciplinary approach. A transdisciplinary approach is an approach to curriculum integration which dissolves the boundaries between the conventional disciplines and organises teaching and learning around the construction of meaning in the context of real-world problems or themes. 

OECD Future of Education and Skills 2030

STEM Resources

SCIENCE BUDDIES The award-winning, non-profit Science Buddies empowers K-12 students, parents, and teachers to quickly and easily find free project ideas and help in all areas of science from physics to food science and music to microbiology. Whether your goal is to find a fun science activity for your kids or win the international science fair, puts comprehensive, scientist-authored tools, tips, and techniques at your fingertips.Including  Ask an Expert.

SUPPORTING AUSTRALIAN MATHEMATICS PROJECT is funded by the Australian Government and provides resources for students in Years 5-9 based on the new Australian curriculum for Mathematics. 

Links for Years 7-9 organise resources under the content descriptors of Number and Algebra; Measurement and Geometry; and Statistics and Probability.

AUSTRALIAN MATHEMATICS SCIENCE INSTITUTE produced a number of modules for the The Improving Mathematics Education in Schools (TIMES) Project. The modules are designed for students and are aligned to the Australian Curriculum Mathematics strands - Number and Algebra; Measurement and Geometry; and Statistics and Probability.

What does Magis mean?

How Stuff Works

How Stuff Works: Science Explore topics such as Environmental Science, Physical Science, Innovation, Life Science, Science v myth, Transportation, Military, Forces of Nature and Space. 


Use the CRAAP Test when evaluating websites.

STEM Education

STEM education is the learning of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in an interdisciplinary or integrated approach. Students gain and apply knowledge, deepen their understanding and develop creative and critical thinking skills within an authentic context. It may include inquiry and project-based learning.

Australian STEM Video Game Challenge

Facilitating engagement with Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics, students learn vital skills for the future through designing, building and testing an original video game.

National Geographic

National Geographic invites you to live curious through engaging programming that will inspire you to find out more about the people, places and events of the world around us.

Department of Health

Click on the image above to access the Department of Health website. There is a wealth of information on Health and Prevention.

World Health

Click on the Infographic to access the World Health Organisation's (WHO) Western Pacific website.