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MAGIS - Integrated Learning: Green Screen


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Useful Tips and Links


  1. Use a good quality green screen that has a consistent colour
  2. Make sure your background is well lit. Studio lighting can help with this, but any light source would work as long as the green screen is evenly lit without too much variation in light or shadow.
  3. Create as much separation between the subject and the green screen as you can. This prevents shadows on the screen. 
  4. Clothing choices are important. If your subject wears the same colour of clothing as your backdrop they will appear eerily transparent! 
  5. Lastly, do a test shoot to check your lighting and subject are well placed and look good when viewed in your green screen editing app. There is nothing worse than having to re-shoot your entire video because you missed something in your initial setup.



Green Screen Using Canva

Just like you can use Canva to remove image backgrounds, you can now use Canva to remove the background from your video clips

By using Canva's background remover and video editor you can now create green screen videos even if you don't have an actual green screen to record in front of. Simply record a video clip, upload it to your Canva account, and then use the in-built editor to remove the video's background. Once you've removed the background you can replace it with any stock image available in Canva or any image you've uploaded to your Canva account.