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Science: Electricity



Useful weblinks

Sydney Gets Electricity Australian Geographic article about Sydney's electric streetlights being switched on for the first time on July 8, 1904.

Early Electricity This article by Museum Victoria answers the question 'What was the first electrical appliance used in Australia and in what year was it used? 

Famous Scientists who have impacted Electrical and Electronic Engineering This website by The University of Adelaide provides weblinks to scientists that gave their names to electrical units such as Volts, Amps, Ohms, Coulombs, Joule, Hertz, etc.

Squishy Circuits Squishy Circuits is a project from the Playful Learning Lab at The University of St. Thomas. The goal of the project is to design tools and activities which allow children of all ages to create circuits and explore electronics using play dough. 

Nikola Tesla This website by The History Chanel profiles Nikola Tesla, a Serbian-American engineer made dozens of breakthroughs in the production, transmission and application of electric power. 

Electrical Energy in the Home This website by Robert Emery is produced for high school students and covers content on electrical energy in the home.

Learning about Electricity and Magnetism Magnet Academy is a free resource on magnetism and electricity produced by the Center for Integrating Research and Learning at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory. This website includes interactive tutorials, museum objects and MagLab. 

Electricity and Magnetism This website by Michael W. Davidson and Florida State University provides content on electricity and magnetism in relation to timelines, pioneers, museum and history. It also includes links to online tutorials. 

Links to Electrical Energy in the Home This webpage from The University of Sydney provides links to many resources, tutorials and information about electricity in the home, history of electricity, inventions and electrical safety. Many resources are Australian. 

Electricity Timelines

Electricity Timeline This website by British Energy covers timeline from 1600s to 2000. 

Timeline of Electricity and Magnetism This website is from Florida State University's Magnet Lab and covers 600BC - 2003.

The History of Electricity This website by Salem Electric is written for children and is easy to read.

Electricity Timeline This website by TwoThirty Volts is a fun and interactive timeline.