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Science: Classification

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Classification - This website provides an overview of classification including the classification of species into five kingdoms, as well as examples of vertebrates, invertebrates and plants. This site also explains and gives an example of a dichitomous tree.

Living and Non-Living Things

Characteristics of Living Things - This website identifies the main characteristics of living things.

Living and Non-Living Things - This website outlines the difference between living and non-living things. It also identifies the main characteristics of living things.

Classification System

Classification System - This website outlines the Linnean Classification system developed in the 18th Century..


Animal Classification - This website outlines the five different categories for classifying animals. It also includes an animal classification game.

Classification Keys

Dichotomous Key - This website explains what a dichotomous key is as well as how to use them.

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Vertebrates and Invertebrates

Invertebrate vs Vertebrate - This website outlines the main differences between invertebrates and vertebrates in the form of a comparison chart of the similarities and differences.

Difference Between Vertebrates and Invertebrates - This website describes what vertebrates and invertebrates are as well as outlining the main differences between the two.


Vertebrate - This website outlines the general features of vertebrates, the different types of vertebrates as well as their external and internal features.

Vertebrates - This website gives a brief overview of the characteristics of vertebrates.

Ecology and Grouping Organisms: Vertebrates - This website outlines the different classes of vertebrates.


What is an Invertebrate? - This website defines both vertebrates and invertebrates. It also explains why all Anthropods such as insects are examples of invertebrates.

10 Facts About Invertebrates - This website provides a range of different interesting facts about invertebrates as well as a short overview video of the invertebrates group.

Invertebrates - This website gives a brief overview of the main characteristics of invertebrates.

Mammal Groups

What is a Mammal? - This website defines mammals, outlines their characteristics, behaviours, habitat, development and reproduction.

Mammals - This website briefly identifies the key characteristics of mammals as well as the three mammal groups.


Plant Kingdom - This website outlines the main characteristics of the plant kingdom, as well as the different ways to classify plants.

Plant Identification Game - This website explains how a dichotomous key works and has a range of plants that can be classified  using their interactive game.