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Adventure Challenges

Challenge 2: The Local Witch


  • You have until Friday 30th to submit your solution.
  • Use the Google Form to Make Your Submission.

The Challenge

Rumours have persisted of a local witch, who has been a thorn in the side of the town of Farbringer for the last three weeks. She has been the cause of livestock and crops dying and chasing away travelling merchants. The only beings that have seen and had dealings with the witch are the children of the town, who have only been able to communicate with the following rhyme:  



The Mayor of Farbringer has hired you to end the witch once and for all.

The Elements

You are a party of 4. A Cleric, Wizard, Rouge and a Fighter. You have access to all the resources that are listed on their character sheet.

Week 1: Returning the Ark

Solution 1:

Take the Torches, Tinderbox, Rope, and Bedroll from the Fighter's explorer's pack, make the bedroll as wide and large as it can be, and the use the rope to tie all 4 corners to the Exodus Ark, then use the torches and tinderbox, as well as any nearby usable kindling, to light a fire on the exodus ark, beneath the expanded bedroll, to create an impromptu hot-air balloon. This hereby makes the ark much lighter, for the rogue and fighter to carry across the chasm. in the event that the bridge still cannot support the weight of the ark, rogue, and fighter, the wizard will cast gust of wind aimed at the ark-balloon, pushing in into the air, and then continue to use the spell to push it over to the other side, from there a simple single-file line across the gap will get everyone and the cart across.

Solution 2: 

Place the ark on the cart. Wizard will use mould earth to create a ramp. then strap in the fighter with the horse in the stirrups. wizard will then cast longstrider on the horse and fighter. The wizard and rogue will then cross the bridge. the Fighter and horse will pull the cart and ark up the ramp at fast speeds thanks to longstrider. As the cart loses momentum he will cast gust to give it the extra boost to bridge the gap.