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Dungeons and Dragons : Describe Your Character


Describing your character gives you the opportunity to bring them to life, by giving your adventurer its physical description and a personality. Here you also give your character their backstory, telling of their life before becoming an adventurer, their ideal, bonds and flaws.



Personality Traits/Ideals/Bonds/Flaws

Personality Traits/Ideals/Bonds/Flaws Examples

Below you can find some examples of Ideals/Bonds/Flaws from D&D sourcebooks to get you thinking.

Personality Traits

  • I'm a snob who looks down on those who can't appreciate fine art. (Guild Artisan Background)
  • I take great pains to always look my best and follow the latest fashions. (Knight Background)
  • I know this dagger belongs to the company, but I'm sure they won't miss it. Or this flask. or this armour. (Rival Intern Background)


  • Immortality. All my exploring ia part of a plan to find the secret of everlasting life (Archaeologist Background) 
  • Fairness. We all do the work, so we all share in the rewards. (Sailor Background) 
  • Family. Blood runs thicker than water. (Noble Background)


  • I have an ancient text that holds terrible secrets that must not fall into the wrong hands (Sage Background) 
  • I owe my life to the priest who took me in when my parents died. (Acolyte Background) 
  • I worked the land, I love land and I will protect the land. (Folk Hero Background)


  • When given the choice of going left or right, I always go left. (Archaeologist Background) 
  • I'd rather kill someone in their sleep than fight fair (Urchin Background)
  • I'm a sucker for a pretty face. (Entertainer Background)