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PDHPE: Health Priorities in Australia


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Healthcare in Australia - public hospitals, health insurance, PBS and alternative medicine.

Application of the Ottawa Charter to a health promotion TV commercial

Scoop It


This compulsory module examines the health status of Australians and investigates, in depth, the current health priority issues in Australia. In this module, students investigate the following critical questions:

• How are priority issues for Australia’s health identified?

• What are the priority issues for improving Australia’s health?

• What role do health care facilities and services play in achieving better health for all Australians?

• What actions are needed to address Australia’s health priorities?


Useful Weblinks

How Health Priorities are Identified

Groups Experiencing Inequities

Priority Areas

Growing & Ageing Population

Role of Health Care Facilities & Services

Actions to Address Australia's Health Priorities

Exam Questions

Video Links