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PDHPE: Sports Medicine


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Classification and Management of Sports Injuries

Managing Acute Soft Tissue Injuries with RICER and HARM. This easy to follow outline is from a Brisbane Physiotherapy business. 

Demands of Specific Athletes and Sports Medicine

Children and Young Athletes

Active Children. These guidelines have been developed by Sports Medicine Australia. 

Asthma. Asthma Australia website providing links to symptoms, first aid treatment and asthma action plan.

Epilepsy. Epilepsy Australia's website providing links to Epilepsy Explained and Seizure First Aid.

Diabetes. Diabetes Australia's website providing links to Diabetes Information and Living With Diabetes.

Adults and Aged Athletes

Choose Health: Be Active. A physical activity guide for older Australians developed by the Australian Government, Department of Health and Ageing.

Female Athletes

Active Women in Sport. This webpage provides links to resources by Sports Medicine Australia about women in all age groups.

Preventative Actions

Sports Policy and the Sports Environment 

Case Study - Oakleigh Cannons Junior Football Club. This case study demonstrates how a sporting club increased participation rates by 500% by using policy to address sports injuries.

Environmental Considerations

Hot Weather Guidelines and Beat the Heat Fact Sheet produced by Sports Medicine Australia. Also includes a link to UV Exposure and Heat Illness Guide.

Injury Rehabilitation

Return to Play

SCAT5 - Sport Concussion Assessment Tool (5th Edition). This is a standardised tool for evaluating injured athletes for concussion and can be used in athletes aged 13 years and over.


Appropriateness of resistance training. Click on the View button on the right of the screen to download the full article from The British Journal of Sports Medicine entitled Resistance training among young athletes: safety, efficiency and injury prevention effects.