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PDHPE: Mental Fitness



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This Libguide provides supplementary resources for the Mental Fitness unit in PDHPE. It covers material relating to Depression, Eating Disorders and Body Image, Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder and Anxiety.

Useful Weblinks

Australian Epidemiological Data

Australian Bureau of Statistics is the Australian Government's statistical agency. Use the search tool to locate current Australian statistics on depression and anxiety. 

Eating Disorders in Australia This weblink provides data on eating disorders in Australia by the National Eating Disorders Collaboration.


Beyond Blue - Depression This weblink by Beyond Blue provides information about depression on signs and symptoms, treatment options, help available and recovery.

SANE Australia - Depression SANE Australia is a national charity helping Australians affected by mental illness. This weblink provides information about depression. 

Mindhealthconnect - Depression Mindhealthconnect is a national initiative operated by Healthdirect Australia on behalf of the Australian Federal Government. The weblink provides information and links to trusted resources on depression. 

Better Health Channel - Depression The Better Health Channel is funded by the Victorian Government and this weblink provides reliable information about depression on causes, symptoms and sources of help. - Depression is a non-profit Australian charity that began in response to Australia's high suicide rates. This weblink by provides information about depression. 

Eating Disorders and Body Image

The Butterfly Foundation supports people with eating disorders and negative body image as well as providing support for their family and friends. 

National Eating Disorders Collaboration is an initiative of the Australian Government Department of Health to bring research and expertise on eating disorders in an accessible forum for all.  

SANE Australia - Eating Disorders This weblink provides information on eating disorders by the national charity SANE Australia. - Eating Disorders This weblink provides links to a number of eating disorders and support services available. It is produced by the non-profit Australian charity,



Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW This weblink provides information about schizophrenia by the non-profit, community-based organisation Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW. 

Mindhealthconnect - Schizophrenia This weblink provides information on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of schizophrenia by Healthdirect Australia on behalf of the Australian Government. Follow the links to other organisations supporting schizophrenia. 

Schizophrenia Research Institute This website provides links to research and information on schizophrenia from a national research institute solely dedicated to researching schizophrenia.

SANE Australia - Schizophrenia This weblink provides information about schizophrenia by the national charity SANE Australia.

Bipolar Disorder

Blackdog Institute - Bipolar Disorder This weblink prvides information on dipolar disorder by the non-profit organisation The Blackdog Institute. 

Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW - Bipolar Disorder This weblink provides information on Bipolar Disorder by the non-profit organistion, Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW. Follow the links on the left to information on causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and recovery.

SANE Australia - Bipolar Disorder This weblink by the national charity SANE Australia provides information on Bipolar Disorder. 

​Headspace - Bipolar Disorder This weblink by Headspace, the National Youth Mental Health Foundation, provides detailed information on Bipolar Disorder. 

Mindhealthconnect - Bipolar Disorder This weblink by the Australian Federal Government's national initiative Mindhealthconnect provides information on Bipolar Disorder. - Bipolar Disorder This weblink by the non-profit charity provides information on Bipolar Disorder. 

Anxiety - Anxiety This weblink by the non-profit charity provides information on types of Anxiety disorders. 

Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW - Anxiety Follow the links on the left of this weblink by Schizophrenia Fellowship of NSW to information on the causes, symptoms, diagnosis, prognosis and recovery for Anxiety.

​Mindhealthconnect - Anxiety This weblink provides information on the causes, symptoms and treatment of Anxiety by Healthdirect Australia on behalf of the Australian Government. 

Beyond Blue - Anxiety This weblink by Beyond Blue provides information about anxiety on causes, types, signs and symptoms, treatments and recovery. 

Celebrities Affected by Mental Illness

Darius Boyd Rugby League footballer reveals in the Australian Story episode Battling the Blues about his battles with depression

Justice Shane Marshall The federal court judge speaks candidly about his battle with depression.

Andrew Fifita Rugby League player opens up about his struggle with depression.

Andrew Johns Rugby League superstar reveals his struggles with depression and bipolar disorder. 

Mitch Clark AFL player battles depression

Simon Hogan AFL players opens up about his career ending battle with depression.

Garry McDonald Australian actor reveals he has suffered from anxiety since his 20s.

Demi Lovato Actress and singer opens up about her experiences living with bipolar disorder.

Catherine Zeta Jones Actress reveals she lives with bipolar disorder

Stephen Fry Actor reports on his experiences living with bipolar disorder. 

Sarah Wilson I Quit Sugar nutritionist reveals details about her experiences with anxiety.