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Christopher Brennan Library: Events

Library Events



We enjoy hosting literary events such as authors and guest speakers in the Christopher Brennan Library. 

In 2019, we are hosting our inaugural Boys, Books and Breakfast event in Term 2. 

Past events have included:

- Writing workshops by author Jay Kristoff 

- Workshops by author Steven Herrick

- Slam Poetry performances by Luka Lesson

- Workshops by illustrator Matthew Lin


The Christopher Brennan Library runs a series of workshops to support students and staff in developing their technology and research skills. 
Workshops can be held for classes, teachers in small groups or on an individual basis. Workshop topics include Evernote, Google Apps, Interactive Clickview Videos, Databases, Book Sculpture, green screening. Click on the links below to access resources about these workshops. 

Google Drive


Questia School

Book Sculptures

Interactive Clickview Videos

Green Screen