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Christopher Brennan Library: JSTOR


JSTOR database articles

Using Text Analyzer

The JSTOR Text Analyzer is a unique research tool that "reads" your documents and suggests related JSTOR-hosted content based on the text of your document (but we won't save your document on our site). 

What is JSTOR?

JSTOR provides access to more than 12 million academic journal articles, books, and primary sources in 75 disciplines.

Create your own JSTOR account

Use the link here to access the College's subscription to JStor. You will need to create a personal account to access content.

It is recommended you use your school email address.

Searching Using JSTOR

JSTOR supports full-text keyword searching across all of the content on the site. The default setting for search results is to show matches for only content licensed or purchased by the library. 

There are two search forms on, a Basic Search (on the main page at and an Advanced Search (

Using the Basic Search

  • Place words within quotation marks to search for exact phrases (“to be or not to be”).
  • Use Boolean operators to construct a better search (“tea trade” AND china).

Using the Advanced Search

  • Use the drop-down boxes to limit search terms to the title, author, abstract, or caption text.
  • Use the drop-down boxes to combine search terms using the Boolean operators, AND/OR/NOT and NEAR 5/10/25. The NEAR operator looks for the combinations of keywords within 5, 10, or 25 words places of each other. The NEAR operator only works when searching for single keyword combinations. For example, you may search for cat NEAR 5 dog, but not "domesticated cat" NEAR 5 dog.
  • Use the “Narrow by” options to search only articles, include/exclude book reviews, search for content published during a particular time frame, or in a particular language.
  • Focus an article search in specific disciplines and titles using checkboxes. [NOTE: discipline searching is currently only available for searching journal content. Selecting this option will exclude ebooks from the search.