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Christopher Brennan Library: Notetaking


Visual Notetaking

Reading & Notetaking resources

Online Notetaking


Free tools you can use to help organise your online research from the State Library of Victoria 

A list of Note Taking Apps to help you organise your research online

Study & Revising Tips

An excellent 5 minute Infographic video of study tips including ways to revise, best ways to take notes and the importance of exercise and sleep.



There is no single one way of taking notes. Find a style and method to suit you! Browse these systems below to find an approach that works for you.

Ideas on how to organise your information into a solid set of notes from the State Library of Victoria 

Ideas on ways to organise your notes from University of Melbourne 

A comparison of 3 note taking strategies from author Sid Savara


How to Mindmap

Cornell Notetaking

Cornell Notetaking Template

How to use Cornell Notetaking