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The Christopher Brennan Library subscribes to a range of databases that will help you with your studies of History. 

Questia School






Ask your History teacher or friendly Librarian for the login details to access Questia School.


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Need help? See the "How to Search JSTOR" guide.

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This collection of LibGuides will help you in your study of History here at Saint Ignatius' College, Riverview. Use the tabs above to access content suited to your year level.

Australia's Wartime Heritage

Why is history important?

How to use Wikipedia in History

British Museum

Check out these amazing photos from the British Museum.

To see more images from the British Museum go to

How to anaylse primary sources

Library Resources

Books about History can be found in the following areas of the Christopher Brennan Library: 


Ancient History


European History

950-993 Asian/American History
994  Australian History
303-994 War and Conflict

Library Resources - Magazines

The CBL has a good range of History magazines for you to borrow. Ask your friendly librarian for online access to History Today.