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History: Ancient China

Ancient China

This LibGuide is designed to assist with your History assignment on Ancient China.

The Mandate of Heaven and the Role of the Emperor

Role of Scholars, Eunuchs and the Civil Service

Role of Scholars, Eunuchs and the Civil Service - Asia for Educators, Columbia University

The Fascinating Life of a Chinese Eunuch in the Forbidden City - Ancient Origins 

Chinese Civil Service - Encyclopeadia Britannica

The role of peasants and farmers

The role of artisans and craftsmen

The role of merchants

Role of Women

The role of women in Ancient China - World History Encyclopaedia. Written by Mark Cartwright.





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Textbook Chapter

Life in China - Overview

Daily Life in Ancient China - A good overview of the topic of life in the time of Ancient China. Written by Emily Mark from Worldhistory. Org.

Daily Life in Ancient China - A simple overview of the topic from As there is no author referenced you cannot reference this source in your assignment.

Chinese Social Hierachy - A good overview of Chinese society and its social structure



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