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History: Bog Bodies (Prelim)


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Books in the CBL

Books on Bog Bodies are located in the CBL at 932.01


Bog Bodies Rediscovered This weblink is to the article published in May/June 2010 edition of Archaeology magazine.

Bodies of the Bog This weblink is to the article originally published in December 1997 edition of Archaeology magazine. Follow the links to further information on the topic of Bog Bodies.


Bog Bodies

Useful Weblinks

Tales from the Bog This weblink is to an article that appeared in the National Geographic published in September 2007. This articles covers content on Tollund Man, Grauballe Man and Windeby Girl.

Who were the Ancient Bog Mummies? Surprising New Clues This weblink is to an article published in July 2014 in the National Geographic magazine. 

The Curious Case of the Bog Bodies This weblink is to an article published in Nautilus in August 2015. 

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