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History: Historical Investigation


Use the box below to search the catalogue to find books available in the Christopher Brennan Library. 

Questia School

Questia School is an online library and research tool with thousands of eBooks, academic journal articles, magazines, newspapers and encyclopedia entries. Ask your friendly librarian or History teacher for logon details.

Questia School Workshop Follow this link for easy to follow videos and tips on getting the most from Questia.


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Need help? See the "How to Search JSTOR" guide.



BBC History Magazine Search


The CBL has a good range of History magazines for you to borrow. Ask your friendly librarian for online access to History Today. 

Oxford Referencing Guide

FOOTNOTES Use this link for a reliable guide of Oxford Footnotes.

Historical Investigation

This LibGuide has been setup to assist you with your Modern History Historical Investigation. As your task allows a high level of choice it only provides you with general sites that will assist you in completing research into your chosen field.

Useful Weblinks


ClickView Library Look through the College Clickview collection to explore videos on Modern History topics. 

How to analyse primary sources