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History: Medieval Europe & The Black Death


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Books on Life in Medieval Europe are located in 940.1.

More specifically,

        940.1 BLA    The Black Death (Plague)

        940.1 CAS    Castles

        940.1 KNI     Knights

        940.1 WAR   Weapons and Warfare

        940.18           Crusades 

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History Today Magazine

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Map of the Black Death

The reach of the Black Death in Europe from 1347 to 1351 can be seen as it spreads year by year.

Image: Encyclopedia Britannica 

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This LibGuide has been set up to assist in completing the Black Death assessment.

Medieval Europe

Useful Weblinks

The Black Death 

The Black Death Plague This weblink by Ducksters provides a brief reference point about the Black Death. 

Black Death This weblink by is a great place to start. 

The Black Death: The Greatest Catastrophe Ever History Today article describes how the Black Death killed 60 per cent of Europe's entire population.

BBC History: Black Death Resource by BBC which includes references to primary sources. Click on the tabs on the left to navigate the webpage.

Khan Academy - The Black Death Good resource from a non-profit educational site.

The Black Death, 1348 EyeWitness to resource.

BBC Bitesize: The Black Death Material in this link is presented in 'bitesize' sections. Click on the links at the bottom to progress to the next section of content. 

National Geographic: Plague Interesting look at the Plague throughout history. 

Medieval Europe - Way of Life

Middle Ages This weblink by Ducksters is a source of straightforward information with links to feudal system, castles, daily life, knight's amour and weapons, and crusades.

Middle Ages The History Channel presents a summary of the Middle Ages.

Everyday life in the Middle Ages The BBC have produced this webpage of life in the middle ages. Follow the links to explore different aspects of medieval life.

Feudalism This weblink is the Encyclopedia Britannica entry on Feudal Society.

Historyextra This weblink is the official site of BBCHistory magazine. Information on the Middle Ages that you may not have known!



Historical Fiction


The Plague by Albert Camus

Location in The Christopher Brennan Library - CLASSICS Camus

Summary: 'On the morning of April 16, Dr. Rieux emerged from his consulting-room and came across a dead rat in the middle of the landing'. It starts with the rats. Vomiting blood, they die in their hundreds, then in their thousands. When the rats are all gone, the citizens begin to fall sick. Like the rats, they too die in ever greater numbers. The authorities quarantine the town. Cut off, the terrified townspeople must face this horror alone. Some resign themselves to death or the whims of fate. Others seek someone to blame or dream of revenge. One is determined to escape. But a few, like stoic Dr. Rieux, stand together to fight the terror. A monstrous evil has entered their lives but they will never surrender to it. They will resist the plague.