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History: Communism & Australian Politics 1945-1950s


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AUSTRALIAN POLITICS 1945-1950s - Useful Weblinks


This clip is the Liberal Party cinema advertisement for 1949 federal election. The view is presented that Labor Party follows the socialist way whereas the Liberal Party believes in a democratic way of life with communism banned.

Prime Minister Robert Menzies This weblink by the National Archives of Australia provides content relating to when Robert Menzies was in office as Prime Minister of Australia. 

Menzies Virtual Museum is produced by the Sir Robert Menzies Memorial Foundation. Content on this website is organised on three levels: 

  1. the life and times of Sir Robert Menzies
  2. people and events that shaped Australian history during that time and
  3. world events that took place during those years.

Movements Against Communism 1951-4 This weblink is to a unit of work by Education Services Australia on the actions and policies of the Menzies Government in the early 1950s. Follow links to:

The Communist Party Dissolution Bill and it's aftermath This link is to an audio file by George Williams speaking at a Symposium on the Communist Party Dissolution Bill 60 years on as part of Australian Society for the Study of Labor History event. A document supporting this audio file is linked here. 

Petrov Affair - Useful Weblinks

The Museum of Australian Democracy have produced a webquest on the Petrov Affair. There are links to red alert, spies and codes, the affair, Royal Commission, the Labor Party Split, fallout, the players, and resources.

McCarthyism - Useful Weblinks

Joseph R. McCarthy This weblink by is an article on Jospeh R. McCarthy. It also has links to speeches and audio by McCarthy.

Senator McCarthy, McCarthyism and the Witch Hunt This weblink by The Cold War Museum is a biographical account.

THE COLD WAR - Useful Weblinks

Cold War History This weblink by the History Channel provides a comprehensive resource on the Cold War. Click on the tabs to access articles, videos, pictures and speeches

Australia's Involvement in the Korean War This website by the Department of Veterans' Affairs covers Australia's involvement in the Cold War. Follow links to The Cold War and the Crisis in Korea, How was Australia involved? and Korean War veterans interviews.  

The Cold War This weblink is to the JFK Presidential Library and Museum resource on the Cold War. The information is set out with clear to follow subheadings on the different crisis of the Cold War. 

Causes of the Cold War This weblink is an easy to follow resource written for students by Shmoop, a digital publishing company.