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History: Movement of Peoples


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Movements of People

TASK: You are to complete an extended response outlining the experiences of either: Australian Convicts; Australian Free Settlers; or African Slaves. As well as a two sentence introduction and conclusion, your extended response should include the following three paragraphs: 

  1. why they migrated (the push and pull factors)
  2. the experience of their migration
  3. what life was like for them upon their arrival at their final destination

Australian Convicts and Free Settlers

Investigating Pastoral Settlement in Australia in the Nineteenth Century This weblink is to a pdf produced by the National Museum of Australia. 

Colonial Period 1788-1901 This weblink is produced by the Australian War Memorial and covers content on free settlers. 

The following links are to videos produced by ABC Splash in accordance with this unit of work.

Convict Life in The Rocks, Sydney 

Convicts and their Descendants

The Convict Voyages 

Female and Child Convicts

African Slaves

The Understanding Slave Initiative is a British learning project which supports the teaching and learning of transatlantic slavery and its legacies using museum and heritage collections. Content on this website is classified across the following themes: Europe Before Transatlantic Slavery; Africa Before Transatlantic Enslavement; Trade and Commerce; Atlantic Crossing; Plantation Life; Resistance and Rebellion; The Campaign for Abolition; Emancipation; and Legacies. On the left of these links be sure to check out the related case studies and artefacts.

International Slavery Museum This weblink is to the History of the Slave Trade on the International Slavery Museum's website. Follow the links on the left to discover more content.

Enslaved Africans: our truth Follow four Africans on their harrowing journeys into slavery with an interactive feature. The year is 1780 - the year European traders took thousands of Africans into slavery.

Transatlantic Slave Trade This weblink is to United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization website. Follow the links on the left to more information on the slave route. 

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