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History: World War I 1914-1919 (Prelim)


This LibGuide will assist you with the study of Modern History HSC Core World War I 1914-1919.

World War I Databases

World War I Gallipoli and Western Front Database The College subscribes to this Australian-developed database by Camp Gallipoli in conjunction with Dynamic Learning Online. It contains articles, images, eBooks, diaries and documentaries on World War I. 

A Timeline of World War I This link provides a timeline of events during World War I. The timeline is divided into chapters by year. Click on the relevant year to access the timeline for that period.

World War I History section covers all major battles on the Western Front and Gallipoli. It also includes day-by-day original source document diary entries for Gallipoli. 

Documentaries and Video Footage This section of the database provides links to three videos:

Useful Weblinks


Official History of Australia in the War of 1914-1918 The Australian War Memorial provides access to this digitised set of books. Each volume contains chapters which can be downloaded separately as pdfs. These resources were originally published in 1941.

First World War 1914-1918 This weblink by the Australian War Memorial provides an overview of WWI. Follow the links at the bottom of the page to a number of essays, articles, talks, research guides and exhibitions on WWI.

World War 1 Timeline This timeline by the State Library of NSW details the significant events of WWI. Click on the links on the right to skip along to timeline.

Gallipoli and the ANZACS This website by the Department of Veterans' Affairs provides a reliable starting point for information on WWI.

Military Events This weblink by the Australian War Memorial provides links to major military events during all wars. This is particularly useful if you researching a specific military events. Links provided are to a variety of source material including diary events, personal correspondence, photographs and information relating to the battalions. 

BBC History World War One This weblink provides links to a vast collection of resources by BBC on World War One. It is worth looking at and exploring topics such as: the war unit spinning the truth in WWI, studying WWI, and the war at home (UK). 

State Library of NSW - WWI The State Library of NSW holds a rich collection of resources on the Great War including diaries, letters, maps, photographs, artworks, posters and newspapers. 



Australians on the Western Front This website by the Department of Veteran Affairs takes the reader along The Australian Remembrance Trail in France and Belgium. Follow the links on the right to skip along the trail. The links on the left of the website provide further information to timelines and locations along the Western Front, the Fromelles Military Cemetery and audio-casts featuring the extraordinary stories of Australian soldiers on the Western Front.

WWI The Western Front This weblink by the Australian Army History Unit provides a concise account of reliable information about the Western Front. 


British Homefront This weblink provides a list and further links to various information on the British homefront. It is produced by Spartacus Educational and edited by John Simkin. 

World War One at Home This weblink provides links to many resources showing how WWI affected the people and places of the UK and Ireland. The BBC partnered with Imperial War Museums and the Arts and Humanities Research Council to produce this site.


U.S. Entry in WWI, 1917 This weblink is produced by the Office of the Historian, a department of the US Government.   

America and World War One The History Learning Site produced this weblink on the entry of America to WWI. 

America in World War I This weblink is to EyeWitness to website. Follow the links on America in the Great War, America declares war, the sinking of the Lusitania and sabotage at home

America enters World War I This weblink is to the History channel website entry for 6th April 1917. 

The Zimmerman Telegram This weblink is by the National Archives, a department of the US Government and looks at teaching about documents and uses the Zimmerman Telegram as an example. 

Ludendorff's Spring Offensive This weblink is by the History channel on Ludendorff's gamble for victory on the Western Front.  


Armistice - The End of World War I This weblink is the entry on Armistice on the EyeWitness to website.

Treaty of Versailles This weblink is to the entry in Britannica Encyclopedia on the Treaty of Versailles. Follow the links on the right information on Georges Clemenceau and Woodrow Wilson

Treaty of Versailles 1919 This weblink is Museum of Australian Democracy and includes digitised copies of The Treaty of Peace between the Allied Powers and Germany.  

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Use the box below to search the catalogue to find books available in the Christopher Brennan Library. 

Gale Databases

Books in CBL

940.3          WWI

940.311      Causes and Origins of WWI

940.394      ANZACS

940.40994  Australia and WWI

940.4144    Western Front

940.426      Gallipoli

940.427      Somme, Fromelles, Pozieres

940.439      Armistice


Digital Toolbox

Remembering Them - by Big Sky Publishing (sponsored by the Department of Veteran Affairs)

available in itunes and Google Play

Provides a geo-coded list and historical descriptions of museums, memorials, shrines, statues, monuments, war graves and other Australian sites that commemorate Australia's wartime history.

Historical Fiction