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Christopher Brennan Library: Media Literacy

Media Literacy

Fake news during COVID-19

How To Spot Fake News


Media Literacy Week

The ABC has joined forces with one of the United States’ leading education organisations for the second annual Media Literacy Week, to combat the spread of spin, misinformation and “fake news” around the world.


Useful Weblinks


Do you know what news sources are? Can you spot a reliable one in a news story? Test your re-source-fulness in ABC Education's source checker quiz.

Barrie has been busting bias since 1969, and now you can too! Race the clock in this series of challenges to bust up bias wherever you spot it.

Clickview Videos

If you'd like to explore this topic in greater detail, our Clickview library has some more long-form news videos and documentaries on this topic.


Big Ideas podcast: Trust and truth in the digital news age (click on image above to listen).

Image Source: ABC Radio National