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Religious Education: Campion


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Campion House is named after Sir Edmund Campion SJ (1539-1581), a popular figure at Oxford and the scholar who represented the University when Elizabeth I visited. He later became a Catholic and then a Jesuit and was sent with the first party of Jesuits to found the English mission. He moved among Catholics and published effectively. Arrested, he was tortured and then martyred at Tyburn. He was chosen as House patron for his example as a scholar-saint, a man of wit and charm and an adventurer, loyal to the Church.



St. Edmund Campion

St. Edmund Campion
25 January 1540 - 1 December 1581
Feast Day - 1 December


A Daily Prayer for St. Edmund Campion

I have made a free oblation of myself
to your Divine Majesty,

both of life and of death,

and I hope that

you will give me

grace and force to perform.

This is all I desire.