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Religious Education: Dalton


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Dalton House is named after Fr Joseph Dalton SJ (1817-1905), who was the first Rector of Saint Ignatius' College and the guiding spirit of Riverview's first twenty-five years. He was chosen as a House Patron because he moulded an environment in which love for creation - humans, animals, natural beauty and above all for God, was treasured. He promoted respect for all individuals and encouraged in the boys the friendly and gentle nature which we still today cherish as traits of Riverview students.



Fr Joseph Dalton SJ
2 Dec 1817 - 5 Jan 1905


Prayer of Thanksgiving
Adrian Porter SJ
We thank you, God, our Father,
for the shelter and comfort of our homes;
for the love and companionship of our family and friends;
for our health, and our many gifts and abilities;
and for all the blessings which we take for granted.
Hear our prayer for all who are less fortunate than we are
and bless those who work to help them.
For Jesus Christ’s sake. Amen.