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Religious Education: Gonzaga


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Gonzaga House is named after Saint Aloysuis Gonzaga (1568-1591). The eldest son of the Marquis of Castiglione, he renounced his title, wealth and prestige, joining the Society of Jesus in 1585. After serving the sick during the plague in Rome in 1591, he caught the illness and died. He was declared a universal patron of youth in 1725 and canonised in 1726. 



St. Aloysius Gonzaga SJ

Aloysius de Gonzaga, S.J.
9 March 1568 - 21 June 1591
Feast Day - 21 June


O Saint Aloysius, adorned with angelical manners, although I am thy unworthy servant, I recommend to thee in an especial manner the chastity of my soul and body; I conjure thee, by thy angelical purity, to commend me to Jesus Christ, the spotless Lamb, and to His most holy Mother, the Virgin of virgins.

Preserve me from every grievous sin; never suffer me to sully my soul with any impurity; whenever thou seest me in temptation or danger of sin, ward off from me every impure thought and affection, and awakening in me the remembrance of eternity and of Jesus crucified, imprint deeply in my heart the sentiment of the fear of God.

Inflame me with divine love, in order that by imitating thee on earth, I may merit to enjoy God with thee in heaven.