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Religious Education: Jesuit Ministry

St Ignatius Saints

Celebrate the Saints

All Saints Day - Ignatian saints

We remember Ignatian holy people in a special way on All Saints Day and All Souls Day. Find biographies, prayers, and other resources.



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Jesuit ministry

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Jesuit Social Services are a social change organisation working to build a just society where all people can live to their full potential.They partner with community to support those most in need. Jesuit Social Services work to change policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion.

Love creates space for restorative justice  Andrew Hamilton | 22 May 2014

Barred heart

For the good of victims and the community prisoners need to find the space in which they can feel remorse for the harm they have done, reflect on and change the patterns of life that contributed to the crime, and come to act accountably. To include love in penal justice may seem impossible. But recently in court a man was sentenced to jail for dangerous driving that led to the death of a young woman. Her father then embraced the driver.

Immigration, asylum seekers and refugees/immigration detention and human rights - what's news, questions and answers and the facts explained.

Australian Human Rights Commission - Face the Facts (2008)
Questions and Answers about Asylum Seekers and Refugees

Australia's refugee determination process:Refugee Campaign Fact Sheet
Amnesty International

Australian Government: Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Fact Sheet 62 - Assistance for Asylum Seekers in Australia

Australian Government: Department of Immigration and Citizenship
Visas, Immigration and Refugees

OXFAM Refugees

Oxfam Australia is part of a global movement of dedicated people working hard to fight poverty and injustice.

A Just Australia

A Just Australia is a national policy lobby group campaigning for just policies and programs for refugees and asylum seekers.

Human Rights Watch

Human Rights Watch is one of the world’s leading independent organizations dedicated to defending and protecting human rights.


Jesuit Mission



Jesuit Mission 
Jesuit Mission is a work of the Australian Province of the Society of Jesus - the Jesuits. It links together friends in Australia and News Zealand who wish to support the mission of the Jesuits in the developing world

Jesuit Social Services
Works to build a just society where all people can live to their full potential by partnering with community to support those most in need and working to change policies, practices, ideas and values that perpetuate inequality, prejudice and exclusion.

Province Express Newsletter

A fortnightly newsletter published by the Australian Jesuits.

The Cardoner Ripples of Justice
An initiative of the Australian Jesuits. The site is about social issues, ecology, human rights and justice topics from a Christian (and specifically Catholic) perspective and about the Jesuits and their works