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History: Heroes & Villains


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Heroes & Villains

Starting your Research

Once you have chosen your hero/villain look at the links provided to you in this libguide. Take time to look at all the resources provided to you - videos and podcasts.

Use the databases to help you find your written sources. Worldbook in particular has easy to access information for this task. You will need the password to access Worldbook. Email if you need help finding the password.

When searching, remember to use "quotation marks" around your chosen hero/villain. Example: "winston churchill" 

Alexander the Great

Click on the image above to listen to Melvyn Bragg and guests discuss the life and legacy of Alexander the Great, King of Macedon and conqueror of the Persian Empire

Attila the Hun

Hannibal Barca


Click on the image above to listen to The Ancients podcast and this episode: Hannibal:Crossing the Alps with Dan Snow

William Bligh


Click on the image above to listen to The Life of William Bligh by Dr Stephen Gapps from the Maritime Museum. 

Elizabeth the First

Julius Caesar

Winston Churchill

Hernan Cortez

Click on the image above to listen to the Explorers Podcast: Hernan Cortes and the Conquest of Mexico (8 parts)

Che Guevara

The Capture of Che Guevara (5 mins) from BBC World History

Mary Queen of Scots

Margaret Thatcher

Richard the Lionheart